Dairy Products

From smooth iced-coffees to decadent blue cheese varieties, Australia is at the forefront of creating exceptional dairy products throughout the world. Ensuring that your quality control and testing procedures are at the highest standard is critical to guarantee the quality of your products. Symbio Laboratories has years of experience assisting the dairy industry with their various analytical testing requirements and, unlike warm milk, we’re only getting better with age.

  • Symbio Laboratories is the leading provider of analytical services to the food and agriculture sector in Australia and we have
    enhanced our dairy testing capabilities in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth with the new CombiFossTM 7. Seamlessly
    integrating with our existing MilkoScanTM (FTIR), and FossomaticTM 7 (flow cytometry) instruments to create one analysis unit, the
    addition of the CombiFossTM 7 means Symbio Laboratories can now analyse:
  • Milk composition
  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Lactose
  • Solids non-fat (SNF)
  • Mastitis PCR
  • Thermoduric count
  • Urea N
  • Total solids (TS)
  • Freezing point
  • Antibacterial substances by DELVO
  • Somatic cell count (SCC)
  • Individual bacterial count (IBC)

In addition to the latest MNIR capability, Symbio offers a wide range of
microbiology, chemistry and residue testing with a full compliment of dairy
specific tests available including:

  • Mastitis PCR
  • Thermoduric count
  • Urea N
  • Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2
  • Direct microscopic count
  • Oleic acidity

With our continued focus on the development of novel and customised IT solutions, Symbio leads the industry in innovative
reporting and KPI tracking for raw milk testing.