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Meat testing SERVICES


Meat testing

Symbio offers comprehensive meat testing to meet regulatory & quality standards.

Our labratories offer:

NATA accredited

Department of Agriculture

Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) approved

Contracted to the National Residue Survey

APVMA licensed

Quarantine Approved Premises.

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Meat Testing Services

Meat testing

Meat processors must continually meet the demands of regulators and quality specifications of key markets and clients, resulting in an increased reliance on analytical test results to validate and verify their processes. As an independent provider of analytical test services, Symbio Laboratories has built a strong reputation among meat processors.


Let Symbio Laboratories assist you with any aspect of your quality assurance and product specification for fast and reliable results. Our laboratories offer:

NATA accredited, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) approved, Contracted to the National Residue Survey, APVMA licensed, Quarantine Approved Premises.


  • Total viable counts
  • E.coli & Coliforms
  • Shiga-Toxin producing E.coli (STEC)
  • E. coli O157:H7
  • Salmonella
  • Campylobacter
  • Listeria species and/or L. monocytogenes
  • Carcass swab Testing

Environmental Testing

Contact & Settle Plates, Air sampling, Surface swabs

Specialised Testing

Shelf-life Testing, Meat Species (PCR) Testing, Gene sequencing for shelf life testing and species identification

Residue Testing

Allergens, Antioxidants, Colourants, Preservatives, Heavy metals, Nitrates, Pesticides and herbicides

Chemistry Testing

Quality parameters (e.g. peroxide value, acid value, free fatty acids), Nutritional profiles (e.g. protein, fat, fibre, fatty acid profile, vitamins, elements), Preservative (e.g. Sodium Nitrite and Nitrate)

Get in touch with our team now to find out how Australian owned and operated Symbio Laboratories can assist with meat testing services.