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Nutritional Panel And Allergens in Food


Nutritional Panels and Food Allergen Testing

We offer a full range of nutritional panel and allergens testing services and pride ourselves on our high level of customer satisfaction when it comes to analytical testing.

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Nutritional Panel Confirmation and Food Allergen Testing

Food package labelling is critical for consumer health and safety. Symbio Laboratories provides a comprehensive range of food testing solutions to confirm nutritional panel information and test products for the presence of food allergens. Our clients trust us to analyse food contents with precision to meet labelling requirements and keep consumers safe.

Standard Nutrition Panel comprising of Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate, Ash, Sodium, Moisture and Fat Profile (Mono, Poly, Sat, Trans)

Standard Nutrition Panel plus Dietary Fibre

Specialist and customised nutritional panels for supermarket and export requirements.