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Love where WE work, Love what wE do

Our concern for the environment is written right into the DNA of our daily operations. At Symbio Laboratories, we encourage our people to make careful decisions when it comes to energy and water consumption and waste management.

After all, respect for the environment is part of our mission as scientists… and as humans.


High on our list of sustainability initiatives is how we dispose of waste products. As a research laboratory, we do encounter a fair amount of environmental toxins, chemicals and hazardous materials and we have established strict protocols with regard to how we manage these items. We will sterilise hazardous materials, we sort and store organic solvents and we employ a series of certified waste disposal contractors.


At Symbio Labs, we see it as our mission to minimise our environmental and carbon footprint. Towards that purpose, we are utilising new and inventive ways to conserve water and energy, we are tracking our use of consumables and we are vigilant about how we dispose of our waste products. At Symbio, we believe we should lead by example.


At Symbio Labs, we believe in building and supporting our people. We believe our workspaces are warm and inviting places and we believe its incumbent upon us to treat our people with respect and kindness. Towards that purpose, we have dynamic training and professional development programs and attractive family leave packages. And because we think it’s necessary, we have stringent rules about employee misconduct, harassment and bullying.


Although we are a privately-held company, we do still believe it is necessary for Symbio Labs to act cautiously and methodically as we practice business. We do this because we know that our clients, suppliers and personnel depend upon our operational viability and we act accordingly.


At Symbio Labs, we are absolutely committed to the environment and we encourage our personnel to embrace responsible environmental management duties. This means, whenever possible, we attempt to reduce waste by recycling, conserve energy and save paper and water whenever possible.


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