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MALDI-ToF Confirmation of Pathogens


Symbio Laboratories’ investment in technology and processes, and the commitment to deliver our customers’ results sooner than ever continues with our NATA accreditation for the use of MALDI-TOF detection. What is MALDI-ToF? Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation time of flight, or MALDI-ToF, is a method of mass spectrometry used for the identification of difficult to culture bacteria, with […]

Factors to Consider When Taking Environmental Samples

how to take environmental samples for the most accurate results

To ensure accuracy of results, environmental samples submitted for laboratory analysis need to be representative of the environmental characteristics at the time of sampling. Water Sampling Water quality is susceptible to change as a result of the physical, chemical and biological reactions occurring in the container between the time of the sample collection to the time […]

Understanding your Samples – Spreaders

agar plates

A number of factors can affect the microbiological result of a sample submitted for analysis. One such factor that occurs from time to time is the presence of “Spreaders”. What are spreaders? Spreaders are naturally occurring colonies that grow across a plate, including over other bacterial colonies that are present. Spreaders are not contamination, but […]

Algae Testing

algae testing

Australia’s waterways provide incredible ecosystems for our fauna and flora, an abundance of public drinking water, and wonderful destinations for leisure and relaxation. But did you know that without stringent monitoring, we run the risk of failing to detect phytoplankton blooms which can affect the quality of the water we enjoy, and can become a […]

BD Kiestra InoquIA+ Agar Plating Robot

New Microbiology Robot BD Kiestra InoquIA+ available at symbio laboratories

Meet the BD Kiestra InoquIA+! Symbio Laboratories’ Brisbane Microbiology team welcomed their fully-automated agar plating robot, the BD Kiestra InoqulA+ into the fold in September 2020. This machine was one of the first in the Southern Hemisphere to service the Food, Beverage and Environmental industries. The new BD Kiestra InoqulA+ is capable of lining up […]

Dust Deposition Analysis

dust deposition analysis

Symbio Laboratories is pleased to announce that environmental depositional dust analysis is now available through our laboratories across Australia as part of our expanding environmental capability. Dust emissions can be generated from the following sources: Vehicle movements on sealed or unsealed roads Mines and quarries Road works/construction Housing developments Waste handling facilities Numerous industrial operations, […]

Prawn Virus Testing at Symbio Laboratories

prawn virus testing

Symbio Laboratories is an approved laboratory for the testing of White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) and Yellow Head Virus (YHV) prawn viruses since 2017. White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) and Yellow-head Virus (YHV) emerged in Taiwan and Thailand and then spread to other prawn-producing countries in Asia and the Americas. Biosecurity Australia manages the risks of importing from […]

Queensland’s Legionella Reporting Requirements

legionella reporting requirements - queensland

Queensland now has some of the most stringent water risk management requirements for hospitals and residential aged care facilities in Australia. Legionella bacteria often become established in manufactured water systems such as cooling towers and hot water systems where warm temperatures, increased nutrients and growth of biofilms in pipework provide an ideal breeding ground. The […]