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BD Kiestra InoquIA+ Agar Plating Robot

Meet the BD Kiestra InoquIA+New Microbiology Robot BD Kiestra InoquIA+ available at symbio laboratories!

Symbio Laboratories’ Brisbane Microbiology team welcomed their fully-automated agar plating robot, the BD Kiestra InoqulA+ into the fold in September 2020.

This machine was one of the first in the Southern Hemisphere to service the Food, Beverage and Environmental industries.

The new BD Kiestra InoqulA+ is capable of lining up to 350 agar plates an hour (dependent on the agar stroke).

By investing in this new technology, Symbio has been able to:

  • Increase our efficiency for agar plating
  • Improve the accuracy of our plating through removing human error
  • Improve traceability through automation
  • Reduce the costs incurred by our clients

This is just one step in Symbio Laboratories’ business goals to provide customers with a high-quality and cost-effective analytical testing service with the fastest turnaround times available.

We are committed to innovation and sustainability to ensure the best possible solutions for our customers in every industry. 

Wondering how Symbio can help with your microbiology testing needs? Contact our team today.



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