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Pharmaceutical Testing Solutions

Pharmaceutical Testing Services

At Symbio, we have been providing quality and safety testing services for health and pharmaceutical goods to our customers for years. As the demand for these services continues to grow, we have expanded our capabilities to offer a wide range of pharmaceutical-related tests.

Our laboratory is accredited by both NATA and the TGA and our Biotech R&D and QA teams are working towards extending our scope across the country.

Cleaning Agents & Disinfectants

We provide comprehensive quality control and shelf-life testing services to ensure the safety and efficacy of your cleaning products. Our testing covers every stage, from raw materials to finished products, meeting both government and industry standards and verifying marketing claims.

In the process, we affirm the following:

  • Verify consistent levels of active ingredients
  • Establish shelf life thorough accelerated and real-time stability and testing
  • Verify various ingredients and final product standards

Complementary Medicines

Complementary medicines, available in health food shops, supermarkets and pharmacies, are non-prescription products that consumers can buy directly from the shelf. In contrast, prescription medicines require a doctor’s prescription and some OTC medicines are selected by a pharmacist. 

Due to the dubious nature of the marketing for many of these “home remedies,” it is important to test and validate the suggested benefits and possible side effects to ensure the safety of the consumer.

Cosmetic & Personal Care Products

Testing and analysing cosmetics and personal care products is critical to ensure their quality, safety and efficacy. The complex nature of these products and the vast range of analytes that may be prohibited, restricted or authorised present challenges for testing. Strict allowable limits must be adhered to for these analytes.

Symbio provides fast, reliable and comprehensive solutions for cosmetics and personal care product testing, including instrument analysis and sample preparation.

Medical Devices

For manufacturers to ensure the safety and reliability of medical devices used in Australia, regular laboratory testing is necessary. Determining which tests need to be performed for a specific device can be challenging and resource-intensive. 

Symbio provides a comprehensive range of accredited testing services for medical devices in compliance with Australian medical device standards and regulations. Our team of experts offers individualised consulting to help manufacturers find the right analytics for their products and achieve conformity, as well as quality control and assurance of their medical devices and equipment.


We offer comprehensive pharmaceutical testing services in accordance with Australian government policies, ensuring the highest possible standards. With decades of experience, we have our own lab facility, experts and modern technologies to provide health safety to all Australians. 

Our clients can also export medicines and medical equipment after conducting tests with us. 

Veterinary Medicines

We provide a complete range of veterinary medicine testing services to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of animal drugs and products. Our experienced experts use the latest technology and work according to government policies to deliver dependable results that meet the highest standards. 

Our top priority is to ensure the health and wellbeing of animals and our clients can rely on us to provide accurate and timely testing. We also offer export testing services so that our clients can confidently market their products internationally.


Because food, water and consumable safety is at the heart of what we do, Symbio Labs has clients from across the industrial spectrum including restaurants, big Pharma and others.


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