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Grain Residue Analysis and Levels of Detection

levels of detection in grain residue analysis

Like any analysis, grain residue analysis has certain limitations that will determine the level of detection possible. In general, residue monitoring endeavours to: Quantify the presence or absence of potential contaminants or residues Verify that residues in products are below maximum residue limits Deliver alerts if limits are exceeded so that corrective action can be […]

Residue Testing in Grain

grain residue testing

Residue testing in grain looks at Organochlorines (OC), Organophosphates (OP) and Synthetic Pyrethroids (SP) which are chemical compounds that are used as insecticides. Organochlorines are a risk because they persist in the environment and the fat of animals, thus posing a potential risk to public health. The chemical is concentrated in the fat of animals […]

Mycotoxin Detection – Accurate, Low-level Detection by an Industry Leader

mycotoxin detection

As a major contributor to residue surveillance as part of the National Residue Survey, Symbio Laboratories has expanded its capability to include low-level detection of a range of mycotoxins. Symbio Laboratories is one of Australia’s leading independent laboratories that specializes in the provision of specialist residue analysis servicing the agriculture and food industries. You can […]

New superlab to put Victoria at the forefront of life sciences

A new major commercial laboratory and research and development centre in the west of Melbourne will advance Victoria’s capabilities in biotechnology, molecular biology and life sciences. Symbio Laboratories’ new facility in Ravenhall will generate a $14.9 million investment in the state and create 200 new local jobs including scientists, laboratory technicians and information technology specialists. […]

Detection of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli in Flour

detection of shiga toxin producing e coli in flour

To date, Australia has avoided Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) detections and outbreaks in flour, but that does not mean we are exempt. We need to take as much information as we can from any incident, whether overseas food safety incidents or at home. In May 2016, General Mills (USA) voluntarily recalled wheat flour in […]