Symbio Specialty Solutions

Nutritional Panel and Allergens in Food

Consumers are requesting more detailed information about the food they are buying and food regulators are continuously updating the
nutritional information required on food product labels.
Symbio Laboratories has the capability to provide a broad range of tests to assist clients to better describe the nutritional aspects of their
Food Nutrition Testing Capability
• Standard Nutrition Panel comprising of Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate, Ash, Sodium, Moisture and Fat Profile (Mono, Poly, Sat, Trans)
• Standard Nutrition Panel plus Dietary Fibre
• Specialist and customised nutritional panels for supermarket and export requirements.

Full Range of Microbiology Testing for Food and Water

Symbio Laboratories’ Brisbane Microbiology team have welcomed their fully-automated agar plating robot, the BD Kiestra InoqulA+ into the fold. This machine will be one of the first in the Southern Hemisphere to service the Food, Beverage and Environmental industries.

The new BD Kiestra InoqulA+ is capable of lining up to 350 agar plates an hour (dependent on the agar stroke). By investing in this new technology, Symbio’s goal is too:
✔️ Increase our efficiency for agar plating;
✔️ Improve the accuracy of our plating through removing human error;
✔️ Improve traceability through automation;
✔️ Reduce the costs incurred by our clients!

This is just one step in Symbio Laboratories’ business goals to provide customers with a high-quality and cost-effective analytical testing service with the fastest turnaround times available.

24 Hour rtPCR for Food Pathogens

Symbio Real-Time PCR methods for detection of Salmonella, Listeria and Listeria monocytogenes provide reliable and
fast results and offer advantages even over other rapid techniques widely used and established in food and
environmental testing industry. rtPCR technique offers a great
advantage of delivering results the next day for all negative and presumptive samples.

Legionella Testing

Our laboratories are equipped to deliver a fast turnaround time for legionella testing with preliminary reporting on the day of a potentially positive result. If the results are:

  • No detection – Final Legionella bacteria results will be available on day seven;
  • Positive detection – Legionella bacteria results will be confirmed at day seven using MALDI-ToF technology.

It’s critical for organisations such as hospital, health care facilities, aged care facilities, schools and hotels to test their plumbing facilities for legionella bacteria to reduce the risk of patrons contracting Legionnaires Disease.

Symbio Laboratories is truly the industry specialists when it comes to Per- & Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) testing. Using state of the art technology and refined methods, Symbio Laboratories generates vastly improved accuracy of results at a faster turnaround rate for PFAS testing in water, food, soil, sediment, biosolids and biota samples.

Symbio achieves this through advances in the development of modern mass spectrometry, a new analytical technique based on High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HRMS). As a result, this technique offers a more advanced detection, providing superior analyte detection and confirmation in comparison to the traditional LC-MSMS methodology.

PFAS Testing for Environmental & Food Matricies

Meat Species Testing

Meeting the regulatory and customer requirements of meat testing can ensure the safety of consumers, as well as the quality of the meat products tested.

Fast Marine Biotoxin testing for fresher, safer seafood with Symbio.

Symbio Laboratories has built a strong reputation as an independent provider of analytical testing services to aquaculture and seafood producers and processors. 

Effective 24th of January 2022, the standard turnaround time (TAT) for our Marine Biotoxins Testing will be reduced to 2 working days. We have confidence that this development will facilitate your seafood reaching consumers faster, and safer.

Specialised Biotoxin Testing in Aquaculture and Environment

Customised Shelf-Life and Challenge Test

Among the thousands of tests Symbio Laboratories performs each week, Shelf Life Testing is one of the most requested and commonly performed. However, there are a number of important factors that need to be taken into consideration when submitting samples for Shelf life Testing.

Quality control is crucial at all stages of production, especially in a sensitive industry such as dairy. One of Australia’s largest analytical testing labs, Symbio Laboratories, have undergone advancements and upgrades to their laboratories around the country to improve their capacity for quality on control in milk testing. Their success over the last 27 years is largely attributed to a constant quest for innovation in testing solutions that will deliver accurate results in an operationally efficient manner that will reduce the overall cost of testing. It is this philosophy that has been at the centre of Symbio’s expansion into the dairy market. Symbio has invested in the latest instruments — available nowhere else in Australia.

Rapid 12 Hour Milk Quality Scan

Rapid Microbial Confirmation with MALDI-TOF

Symbio Laboratories’ investment in technology and processes, and the commitment to deliver our customers’ results sooner than ever continues with our NATA accreditation for the use of MALDI-TOF detection. 

Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation time of flight, or MALDI-TOF, is a method of mass spectrometry used for the identification of difficult to culture bacteria, with a much shorter timeframe than traditional, phenotypic and gene sequencing identification techniques.

With time being an extremely important factor in disease control, and ranging significantly for confirmation of different bacteria, the need for such near-instantaneous analysis has never been greater. MALDI-TOF allows for the detection of genus and species of micro-organisms in minutes, rather than days, once growth is detected.