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Meet our Teams

Our innovative facilities are filled with industry leading technology and the expert staff whose wealth of knowledge is immeasurable. 

Laboratory Operations

Our Laboratory Operations and Research and Development Teams go hand in hand. Together they drive us to the forefront of the industry by developing innovative solutions and maintaining quality and efficiency.

As our company has grown in capabilities and services, the laboratory staff have grown to match.
Dedicated Laboratory teams across our locations include: 

  • Chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Residue
  • Environmental
  • Pharmaceutical

Customer Service

Our customer service team is the supportive bridge between customers and laboratory. Our friendly team are well equipped to guide you through the testing process.

With a team of science alumni, industry professional and former laboratory staff; our customer service team represent the Symbio Difference.

Sample Management

Bridging the gap between Customer Service and the Laboratory teams, our sample Login and Preparation teams are dedicated to efficiency, facilitating Symbio’s rapid turnaround capabilities.

Information Technology

Symbio is proud to have an all in-house IT  team of technicians, developers and support staff. They have created a purpose-built LIMS system and support R&D teams and Customer Service reach new goals.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance team are our best resource to ensure accurate results with fast turn around times are delivered to our customers.

Be Part of a Growing Team

Here we believe in supporting graduates and have a wide range of internship opportunities available for current students and recent graduates. If any of the departments listed above interest you, please check out our internship program or get in touch.

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