Test Control: Bruce Chen – via CEO Magazine

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“Food manufacturers and regulators rely on microbiological test results to make important decisions about the quality and compliance of their products,” explains Bruce Chen, Managing Director of Symbio Laboratories. “The challenge for any testing laboratory is to provide these results in the manner that is most accurate, yet quick and cost-effective, to help these parties make the right decision at the right time.”

To do so is even harder than it sounds. While microbiology has seen significant advancements since Symbio was established in 1997, particularly in the area of automation, the company has invested heavily in R&D to keep ahead of the curve. “Back then, the Symbio board of directors recognised the importance of being vigilant about the advancement of technology and innovation, and that undertaking strategic projects to do with innovation would lead to exponential future growth,” he says.

That vision has come to pass. Today, Symbio’s R&D program is planned and coordinated by the company’s technical directors and the national laboratory managers. It executes approximately 40–60 different projects each year, which lead to the integral improvement of laboratory efficiency as well as the company’s long-term sustainability. “Some of these projects have led directly to winning significant contracts because Symbio is able to offer efficiencies and capabilities our competitors cannot,” Bruce shares.

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