MALDI-ToF Technology at Symbio Laboratories

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Symbio Laboratories’ investment in technology and processes, and the commitment to deliver our customers’ results sooner than ever continues with our NATA accreditation for the use of MALDI-TOF detection.

MALDI-TOF Symbio Laboratories

Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation time of flight, or MALDI-TOF, is a method of mass spectrometry used for the identification of difficult to culture bacteria, with a much shorter timeframe than traditional, phenotypic and gene sequencing identification techniques.

With time being an extremely important factor in disease control, and ranging significantly for confirmation of different bacteria, the need for such near-instantaneous analysis has never been greater. MALDI-TOF allows for the detection of genus and species of micro-organisms in minutes, rather than days, once growth is detected.

Who does MALDI-TOF detection benefit?

Generally speaking, receiving faster analysis benefits everyone, regardless of industry.

For food processors, an extra 3 days notice for detection of Salmonella could save thousands in fines and loss of product.

A faster turnaround of 3 days for hospitals and aged care facilities could prevent a catastrophic outbreak of Legionella, resulting in disastrous public perception, heavy penalties, and even loss of life.

This method of identification allows Symbio Laboratories to provide our clients with the accurate analysis they require to ensure their products and environments are safe, faster, and helps ensure the safety of their workers and the Australian public.

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