Factors Affecting Recovery of Vitamins and Minerals and Premixes

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Factors affecting the recovery of vitamins and minerals in premixes – There are some sources of error that affect the outcome of laboratory analysis for any component, including sampling errors, degradation, and tolerance.

Sampling errors

This does not indicate a mistake in sampling. Rather, the natural error that occurs when using less than 1% (<10 grams in a kilogram) of a product. This occurs when detecting a component that may be included in that product at the rate of grams per tonne. Every effort is made to minimize the error by thoroughly mixing and grinding when required, but the sample tested is not always a perfect reflection of the product manufactured. Degradation

Vitamins can be quite labile and can degrade when subjected to sunlight, moisture or changes in pH. Where salts are included in a premix, this can affect moisture content and pH when the product is exposed to the air.


Most equipment will have a degree of accuracy which reflects the range of expected readings for a particular result. This is referred to as tolerance that arises from testing equipment.

A common example is weighing equipment that may have an accuracy of 5% either side of a reported weight. Similarly, testing equipment will have a tolerance. This varies from machine to machine but is usually in the order of +- 3-5%.

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